About us - Cape Cheetah
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About us

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build a better environment for cheetahs.

Damien Vergnaud


Conservationist residing in South Africa and
Mozambique originally from France.

He established a rescue and rehabilitation centre for cheetahs and since the beginning in 2001, 19 cheetahs have been rescued and 4 litters of cubs have been born at the reserve. A natural breeding has been successful and the very the first cheetah rescued by Damien himself, a very special animal to him, named Banzi became the father of the first cubs with a wild female that he met after being released in the reserve.
Damien, later on, further his conservation efforts by starting RhinoProtect to fight poaching and with the help of Veterinarian Dr. Alex Lewis have had innovative ideas of how to save the rhinos and spread knowledge and possibility to fight poaching to all of South Africans Rhino owners. In 2012 Damien open up his reserve to take in rescued rhino calves that was orphan due to poaching. Two calves was taken in and successfully raised and three years later released into a reserve.
Other conservation projects Damien have done is Stand Up! Charity concert with very famous The Wailers to attract attention and support for Rhino Conservation cause.

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Lisa Kytösaho


Lisa, 27 years old, originally from Sweden.Veterinarian Technician.

27 years old, originally from Sweden. Lisa moved to South Africa at the age of 18 pursuing her dream to work with animal
rehabilitation. She had previously been at Na/ankuse in Namibia working with African
wildlife rehabilitation and there she got her interest in focusing her career within cheetah
“ I love the relationship I got to build with these fascinating creatures, and take I take it extremely serious to ensure their safety and provide a good future for all the cheetahs within the project. I love dedicating my time and energy for these animals on the ground working with the routines and walking the cheetahs and also on a bigger level being able to be a part of expanding WCCC efforts and building new areas for the cheetahs and rehabilitation planning and development “